Rationing in the NHS

Rationing of drugs is not new within the NHS and, as a feature of most healthcare systems, it is not exclusive to the NHS either. With finite resources, the provision of comprehensive, clinically appropriate treatment to everyone with a health need is not possible and, as such, difficult choices need to be made. In England, […]

‘I hear the evidence bells a ringing. Systematic reviews are singing’

‘A 21st century clinician who cannot critically read a study is as unprepared as one who cannot take blood pressure or examine the cardiovascular system’ (Glasziou P et al, 2008).[1] At the end of last year, I was teaching as part of the module for the MSc in Applied Health Services Research at the University […]

NHS commissioning continues to evolve

NHS commissioning continues to evolve  Stay up-to-date with the ‘What is…?’ series and purchase our title ‘What is commissioning in the context of NHS reforms?‘ from our webstore to learn more.

What is Bayesian statistics?

‘What is Bayesian statistics?’ by John Stevens, Director of the Centre for Bayesian Statistics in Health Economics (CHEBS). Purchase this title from our webstore  to learn more!

What is payment by results?

‘What is payment by results?‘ by Ray Fitzpatrick is available to purchase from our webshop. Buy now to learn more.

SAD – Seasonal affective disorder

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